Since 1997 Franchise Navigator has become the most reliable and
only scientific, proven and validated Franchise Recruitment,
Coaching and Support Assessment and Process. The Navigator
takes the “mystery” out of growing your business.







“By benchmarking High, Mid and Poor performing operators and employees, using the Navigator proven science and model, you will identify 90% to 95% of future high performers with a high degree of predictability.”

Professor Robert St. Louis, Professor of Mathematics, Statistics and Information Systems, W. P. Carey School of Business. Arizona State University.1969 – present.

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Franchising is Full of B.S.™

         (Behavioral Sciences)


Behavioral Mapping

Smart franchising doesn’t end with an Assessment. That is where everything begins.  The Navigator is the only tool/process in franchising that is validated and proven to give you the right answers and results you can trust.


Nearly 20 Years of Real Results – Real Solutions

We are experienced franchise professionals. We have managed franchise companies, awarded franchises, provided litigation support in disputes and have assisted hundreds of people in finding the right franchise.

We realized, back in the 1980’s, there was no way to be predictive in the recruitment and selection of franchise operators.  In real live Franchise Architects’ consulting assignments, we attempted to use many different types of personality profiling tools. What we found was that they were good tools but were used to recruit employees who are very different than franchise operators. The tools had no applicability as to whether someone could execute a business model.

Finally, in 1998, after many years of research, we launched Franchise Navigator.

We are now on the 8th release of the Navigator System and have made many considerable enhancements and have had huge successes with our clients. We don’t call ourselves “Proven,” our clients do.

About the Navigator

by Rik Nonelle, President of Window Genie

Watch this engaging “How to Buy a Franchise Show” with special guest Craig Slavin. Craig, has devoted a career to developing the Franchise Navigator and using it as a resource to help people determine if they should buy a franchise, and if so, which franchise to buy. Listen to the entire interview HERE.

Franchising is all about people doing business with people.”
Craig Slavin, President/Founder




Since 1997 the Navigator has been the most respected, accurate and market-validated assessment designed specifically for franchising.


Recruit more candidates that resemble your High Performer Profile. Why clog your pipeline with people that could never execute your business model?


We use your Navigator Profile to create a “profile-based” marketing strategy that recruits the right candidates.


The Navigator profile enables your operations team  to train the individual correctly and in a manner in which they will learn.


Our team of Navigator Certified Life Coaches work with your franchise operators and employees to achieve higher levels of productivity and profitability.


“By bench-marking High, Mid and Poor performing operators and employees – using the Navigator, you will identify 90% to 95% percent of future high performers with a high degree of predictability.”

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