We are experienced franchise, business, coaching and behavioral specialists. Our backgrounds encompass managing franchise companies, awarding franchises, and providing litigation support in disputes. We have assisted hundreds of franchisors to objectively quantify and identify franchisees to create the right franchise/franchise fit. As coaching and behavioral professionals we are providing valuable personal life coaching to thousands and thousands of business and franchise owners.

We realized, back in the 1980’s, there was no way to be predictive in the recruitment and selection of franchise operators.  In real live Franchise Architects’ (our original core company founded in 1980) consulting assignments, we attempted to use many different types of personality profiling tools to determine if they would provide direction and answers. What we found was that they were good tools but were used to recruit employees who are very different than franchise operators. The tools had no applicability as to whether someone could execute a business model.

Finally, in 1998, after many years of research, we launched Franchise Navigator. We are now on the 8th release of the Navigator System and have made many considerable enhancements and have had huge successes with our clients. We don’t call ourselves “Proven,” our clients do.

How the Navigator Behavioral Mapping and Assessment System works

The Navigator Behavioral Mapping and Assessment System compares an individual’s profile to that of a high performer profile that we have have created for our clients.  Overall we have assessed over 80,000 individuals from many different brands.  The Navigator generates guidelines and coaching recommendations that result in higher levels of performance and productivity.

This enables a franchise company to close more deals, select the right candidates for their brand and run a more effective business by growing their business right people.

We have developed assessments and benchmarks for the following positions

  • Existing Entrepreneur/Business Owners
  • Entrepreneur/Business Owner Candidates
  • Existing Franchise Owners
  • Franchise Owner Candidates
  • Existing Sales Professionals
  • Sales Candidates
  • Existing Life & Business Coaches
  • Life & Business Coach Candidates
  • Office Receptionists
  • Back Office Technicians
  • Office Managers – Small Businesses
  • General Managers – Retail, Food Services, Service Businesses
  • Sales Associates – Retail and Service Businesses
  • Outside Sales Associates
  • Direct Sales Associates
  • Existing Business Brokers
  • Business Broker Candidates
  • Customer Relations Supervisors

In the following industries

  • Retail – every category
  • Optometry
  • Dentistry
  • Legal Services
  • Service Businesses including, B2B andHome Services
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Distribution Systems – non-franchised
  • Home Services

Here are some of the franchise recruitment advertisements and eBrochures we have created for our clients.

Each one is targeted towards a specific buyer profile that resembles their High Performer Profile.



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