How the Navigator Process Works

5 Simple Steps

Step 1 - Benchmark | Data Collection

We will survey your existing franchise operators and/or employees and create a segmentation model based on who your High, Mid and Poor performers are and why. The segmentation model, generally created by an independent team of statisticians, is based upon your own internal Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) for determining the definition of a “High Performer.”  It is this process that enables the Navigator to be customized to your company and to be more accurate than any “generic” psycho-metric or personality-based tool.

We will survey as many of your existing franchisees and/or employees as possible, and our team of independent statisticians will determine the ideal profiles for your specific business model and franchise offering.

Graph Step 1Through our on-line, web-based profiling tool we score and identify an individual’s Dominant and Subordinate profiles. The survey takes less than 10 minutes to complete and the answers appear both in your own secure Control Panel and on our portal . Within 2 – 3 seconds from the time the survey participant clicks on SEND, you will receive an email containing the Personal Development Chart  that identifies the Strengths, Weaknesses and Styles of the candidate along with a recommendation as to whether he or she will fit into your business model.

The scores are presented to you in a graph form so you can quickly and visually compare them to the scores of your own High Performers.

The Personal Development Chart measures a candidate in the following nine critical areas of business ownership:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Leadership
  • Salesmanship
  • Business Acumen
  • People Development
  • Time Management
  • Customer Service
  • Operational Efficiency
  • Accounting Acumen

This is what generates the Navigator Behavioral Mapping System and becomes an incredibly powerful information baseline for your recruiting efforts along with operational, training and support to guide,assist and coach your operators in managing their own business.

Step 2 - Review Franchise Recruitment Material

Once we have created your High Performer profile, we will review your current franchise marketing, recruitment and communication tools and related messaging. We will identify if you are attracting the right profile of franchisee candidate.

Our review includes the words, colors and tonality you are using in your franchise sales and recruitment materials.

Specifically, we will review your:

  • ReportFranchise advertisements, including internet portals,
  • Franchise brochure and other related communication tools,
  • Web site(s),
  • Letters and correspondence,
  • Sales scripts,
  • Telephone presentations,
  • Public relations campaigns,

and anything else related to franchise sales.

Step 3 - Refine | Create Effective Recruitment Materials

Franchise Central is a full service franchise recruitment and advertising agency.

If there is a disconnect with your materials and who you should be attracting, our team of copywriters, illustrators, designers and web-based developers will create new, effective franchise marketing materials and Internet Web Sites.

Whether it is an advertisement, a web site or an electronic eBrochure, we will specify who your audience should be and develop these materials just for them.

All of our clients will agree with one important factor: As a result of the Franchise Navigator, lead flow will decrease but closing rates will increase. This is due to the focus on the right profile of franchisee candidate.

Ask us to show you the BEFORE and AFTER illustrations for those clients we have developed solid and effective materials. It is very impressive!

Be very careful when employing a marketing or advertising agency.  If they develop materials for you without knowing your profile, you will end up recruiting the wrong type of candidates into your system.

Click PORTFOLIO here to view some of the franchise recruitment brochures and websites we have developed for our clients.

Step 4 - Training and Operational Assistance

Franchise Navigator will develop a strategy for communicating with and behavioral oriented training of your existing franchisees.

A direct result of the Franchise Navigator is our ability to work closely with your operations, training and field support personnel on methods and techniques for better communications, support and coaching for your existing franchisee population. The immediate benefit of this is the fact that many Mid-Performing franchisees either closely resemble your High Performers but somehow, somewhere there has been a disconnect or the communication techniques being used are inadequate and ineffective.

Our training, support and Life & Business coaching programs will have a significant impact on your organization’s royalty income as the franchisees performance levels increase.

Ask us for a sample of our Case Studies on how effective Franchise Navigator has been in increasing franchisee performance.

Step 5 - Navigator Life & Business Coaching

Our team of Certified Navigator Coaches will work with corporate officers, employees as well as franchise operators and their employees to increase personal productivity and performance.  Every Certified Coach has at least 10 years of Life Coaching experience with high impact results before they are selected to be certified by the Navigator.

They know how to increase performance.  They do not take the place of a company’s operational department – they enhance it because they are trained to deal with the “whole person” and not just the franchisee’s financial, operational and procedural contributions to the business model.  Please visit to learn how this valuable service will enhance franchisee relations, franchisee performance and provide a valuable ROI to all parties.

Average unit sales (AUV) increased by 38% in the first 18 months of using Franchise Navigator.

Our unit level store increases averaged 18% – 22% using Franchise Navigator to select the right franchisees!

People coming through training are definitely a higher caliber than previously.

Franchisee retention has now exceeded 95%.

Closing rates are much higher than ever before.

Launch | Franchise Lead GenerationConnectMe

Franchise Navigator will develop a new strategy of how to locate and communicate with your target profile candidate.

Once the material, messaging and strategy is completed, we will collaborate on lead generation techniques to attract more people who resemble your high performers.

One of the early steps in the inbound franchise candidate qualification process is the Franchise Navigator survey.  Qualified candidates are provided the link to the online, web-based profiling tool, which takes 6 to 8 minutes to complete.  The survey results are compared instantly to the scores of your current high performers.  The survey results appear, in your own secure landing page on our portal, within 2-3 seconds of completion by the candidate. You will also instantly receive via email the Personal Development Chart. This should be done early in the sales process so you know, in advance, if the candidate is someone who would be the right fit.

Also, ask us or click here to learn about our CONNECTme lead generation program. This program matches a candidate’s profile to yours and creates the only objective and scientific MATCH in franchising.

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